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How do I grant access to a cluster to a team member?


Your team member needs the following privileges

  1. Access to the AWS account where the cluster runs
  2. They need access to the IAC repo on GitHub that you run okctl in

Run kubectl commands

Your team member can now

  1. Clone and enter the IAC repository
  2. Run okctl venv -c <cluster declaration

Your team member should now be able to use kubectl commands

Which sub-domain names are set up?

Run this to find out:

kubectl get ingress --all-namespaces

Okctl is expecting an oslokommune-boundary to be present, but it's missing

You're probably trying to create an okctl cluster on a Crayon account. We've yet to adapt okctl to work on the new accounts, so until then you can run the following command to create a dummy policy in the new account.

aws iam create-policy \
  --policy-name oslokommune-boundary \
  --path /oslokommune/ \
  --policy-document "{\"Version\": \"2012-10-17\", \"Statement\": [ {\"Sid\": \"AllowAccessToAllServices\", \"Effect\": \"Allow\", \"NotAction\": [\"iam:CreateUser\"], \"Resource\": \"*\"}]}"

Last update: 2021-09-03