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okctl - Opinionated and effortless infrastructure and application management

okctl is a CLI for creating a production environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as its foundation, we aim to be:

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  • Specialised: by tightly integrating with the services provided by Oslo kommune
  • Highly opinionated: you will get something that works well that may not be exactly what you want
  • Modern: base our decisions on best-practise methodologies for a modern development lifecycle
  • Sensible: provide a set of sensible default integrations

Compare and contrast

With okctl we are attempting to solve the production environment setup problem. What we include within the definition of a production environment, we can see below.

Functionality okctl eksctl kubectl
Provide authentication and authorisation ?
Define a continuous integration pipeline ?
Assist with creating a deployment pipeline
Create a Kubernetes cluster (run-time environment)
Facilitate with application setup and integration
Provide integrations with version control system
Setup monitoring with metrics, logs and traces


We have a basic cluster up and running, and we are currently working on getting the core components of the cluster deployed:


We stand on the shoulders of giants, we have begged, borrowed and stolen from the following great products and teams:

Last update: 2021-02-26